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Preliminary Findings of Susan Goss Johnston

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These "rough draft" genealogies, actually works in progress, are being placed online for several reasons:

In addition, this presentation may invite discussion and peer review. While kind comments are always welcome, I would be most interested in hearing from you if:

This is how I opened these pages more than twenty years ago. All the family narratives were produced by one of the The Master Genealogist's "Custom Genealogy Reports" sent directly to an HTML file. Much has changed in the TMG world since I produced these narratives. Although the program is supported by a wide and active user base, it is no longer readily available. Although one can still output reports directly to an HTML file, most users prefer John Cardinal's program, Second Site for website production.

These reports were maintained on a RootsWeb Freepages site. I planned frequent updates, but instead, I transitioned to formal research reports and small narratives. I don't have any intention of producing a book or a long genealogy, but I do want to preserve these original pages - for historical perspective, to preserve my copyright - and for fun. I'm very grateful for the opportunity Freepages gave me to develop some rudimentary coding skills, to reach out to fellow researchers, and to provide supplementary material for my genealogy students. It's past time, though, for me to move my pages to my own domain. I may update some of the HTML on these genealogies, but otherwise, they'll remain in their original state. Don't think I've been lazy in these past twenty years! If you're interested in any of the families here, please contact me for updated information.

Although I've updated many of the hyperlinks and a little of the coding, I have not moved all the documents and photographs. If you're interested in seeing one of these, please contact me.

Note that all original content on these pages - and that's most of the content - is copyrighted. Please do not copy any of these narratives without my express written consent.

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